Fibreglass vs Steel Silos and Tanks

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EB Equipment has been manufacturing silos and tanks for over 60 years. We originally manufactured all of our silos using steel, until pioneering the production of GRP silos in the UK.

After a decade of manufacturing both steel and fibreglass product lines, we decided to discontinue the production of steel silos, as they had a limited capacity range and a limited market place.

Fibreglass or Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) as it is also known, offers many advantages when compared to steel for the manufacture of bulk storage silos and tanks, including:


Steel silos are made up of many sections, joined together using thousands of rivets. The rivets protruding inside the structure creating flow restrictions and build-up of product, also potential leaks.

EB Equipment GRP silos and tanks are manufactured in a single piece, eliminating joints and bolted sections with a glass smooth interior. Providing superior flow characteristics and the elimination of potential leaks.


GRP is considered non-conductive meaning it is less sensitive to condensation, which is commonplace with steel construction.
Moisture can cause many issues for the storage of dry products, including blockages and product break down which can lead to corrosion.


EB Equipment silos and tanks have a much longer lifespan than steel alternatives, as the GRP is resistant even the harshest of environments such as saltwater, acid rain and UV rays/sunlight.


Our fibreglass silos and tanks are designed to store a wide variety of materials, many of which couldn’t be stored in steel vessels (due to non-compatibility and legislation) including:

  • Food products
  • Industrial plastics
  • Chemical compounds
  • Limestone
  • Salt
  • Drinking-Water/WRAS
  • Resins
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Syrups
  • Sludges

For specialist applications, we use isophthalic or vinyl ester resins and post-curing.

We have a wide range of fibreglass silos and fibreglass tanks available. Our standard silos range from 4-70 tonne capacities and our standard tanks range from 5000 to 100000-litre capacities.

We can also offer bespoke solutions with higher capacities to suit customer needs. Use the links below to view the standard range, or get in touch to discuss your bespoke requirements.

steel silo fibreglass silo

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