We recognised the need for an alternative to the conventional round the house, chain powered, low capacity systems and developed a system based around two Centreless augers. Transporting food directly from the silo to the stock, reducing damage, segregation or contamination of feed. This achieved an output of at least 2,000kg per hour.

EB Equipment fit a specially developed swinging tee which is connected to a polypropylene telescopic tube arrangement, this enables the systems to be swung away into the roof area during house clearing and cleaning, saving time by eliminating the need to strip down and clean the system. The auger tubing, pans and assembly are made using durable polypropylene and exceed all known poultry house hygiene and cleaning regulations.

Most pan feeding systems set the pans at 750mm centres, with a pan circumference of approximately 1040mm.

The EB Equipment pan has a circumference of 1280mm – 23% larger than the alternatives. The greater size allows for increased spacing at 1000mm, resulting in fewer pans. This can reduce adjustment time, cleaning and maintenance by up to 25%.

EB Equipment manufactures a range of pan feeders, specifically designed for each sector of the poultry industry, to ensure maximum efficiency in particular regards to FCR’s. Over the years, various technical bodies and commercial users have done back to back trials where EB Equipment pans have stood out to be superior.

Universal Pan Feeder

The universal pan feeder is suitable for a range of birds, including layers, turkeys, quail, ducks and game birds. Like the standard pan, this feeder is constructed from UV stabilised, food-grade polypropylene, designed with the same simple adjustment and ease of cleaning.

As an option, an extension ring is available that can easily be installed without disassembly of the feeder, this is a particular advantage when rearing a young stock through to completion in the production of ducks and turkeys.

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