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EB Equipment were the first in the UK to develop the production of GRP silos (glass reinforced plastic or fibreglass), a superior alternative to steel silos, and have continued to lead the field ever since.

Fibreglass silos have a supremely smooth inner surface and are non-corrosive. Designed, engineered and manufactured to have no seams, rivets or bolts, which reduces the potential for interior condensation. When combined, these elements give superior storage solutions with improved flow characteristics and reduce time wasted on maintenance.

Continued research and investment has resulted in one of the most advanced silo and tank production facilities in Europe, manufacturing the largest variation of vessels.

EB Equipment silos are designed to store a wide variety of dry products, including:

  • Maize
  • Barley
  • Animal feeds (including pellets and blends)
  • Salt
  • Aggregates
  • Wood pellets
  • Powders

Our silos are available in different specifications to suit the needs of the customer and application:

  • Standard duty silos – typically designed for free-flowing material with a bulk density up to 700kg/m³
  • Heavy duty silos – typically designed for free-flowing material with a bulk density up to 1500kg/m³
  • Food grade silos – typically designed for free-flowing food products with a bulk density up to 1350kg/m³

Our standard range includes:

We are able to offer capacities up to 100 tonnes as standard (depending on the product). Bespoke sizes and specifications are available to suit individual needs.

EB Equipment GRP silos are the 1st choice for fibreglass silos.

You can view our range of GRP silos below. If you are looking for tailor made sizes, please speak to a member of our team using the contact details provided.

Snacker Silos

Centre Discharge Silos

Side Discharge Silos

High Side Discharge Silos

Gantry – Drive Under Silos

Fabric Silos

How can we help?

Please contact us to discuss your next project requirements.

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