mill and mix silos

Mill & Mix

At EB Equipment we specialise in storage and conveying solutions from low volume, home mill and mix to large commercial units capable of processing thousands of tonnes per week.

We offer storage silos and tanks for cereals, heavy minerals and corrosive additives such as salt, and liquids including higher bulk density products such as molasses.

We supply all associated equipment and accessories including ladders, platforms, safety systems and load cells including telemetry. Our conveyor systems range from our unique centreless augers for lower volume throughput, to shafted screws up to 300mm diameter capable of 40 tonnes per hour, in either mild or stainless-steel construction. As all of our systems are tailor made we can offer options such as pressurised bearings, dual speed motors and automated slide valves.

Our mill and mix silos are offered with conveyor systems, making our turnkey solution truly unique within the industry, allowing us to ensure customer satisfaction.

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