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Conveyor Systems from EB Equipment were originated the centreless auger system in the 1950’s, following many years’ experience in the industry, observing alternative systems and their limitations.

The concept was to create a system that would convey materials such as granules, pellets and powders, without causing damage and segregation. The system had to be efficient, quiet and convey reliably over a given distance around corners with a single power unit.

The conveyor is designed and manufactured in house, including auger production, extrusion of the casing, outlet drop tubes, injection moulding of associated components and fabrications of steel assemblies.

To this day, EB Equipment is the only company worldwide in this position.

The centreless screw conveyor was designed for throughputs typically less than 6 tonne per hour. For applications that require a higher tonne per hour output we offer a range of shafted screw conveyors. These typically range from 18-40 tonne per hour, for low density powders to heavier products such as limestone minerals. For corrosive applications such as salts, we construct in stainless steel with pressurised bearings.


EB Equipment agriculture centreless screw conveyors offer numerous advantages due to the unique design and construction and operate with maximum speed and efficiency whilst maintaining segregation and breakdown.

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Agriculture Shafted Screw Conveyor from EB Equipment are designed to give higher outputs, which enable the delivery of product to a mixer wagon in minimal time.

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