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Download Specification Sheets

Please use the links below to download specification sheets for a number of our products. If you require information about other products which aren’t in the list, please use the contact details below to get in touch.

snacker silo

6m3 Centre Discharge Silo

snacker silo

Snacker Silo

fibreglass centre discharge silo

Ø2.85m diameter Centre Discharge Silo

fibreglass centre discharge silos

Ø3.35m diameter Centre Discharge Silo

side discharge silo

Side Discharge Silo

high side discharge silo

High Side Discharge Silo

fibreglass flat bottom tank

Flat Bottom Tank

fibreglass dish bottom tank

Dish Bottom Tank

fibreglass transit tank

Transit Tank

individual feeding system

Individual Feeding System

dairy feeding system

Flat Rate Feeding System

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