Over the years we have continued to design and develop feeding systems using the latest in manufacturing technology and materials.

EB Equipment systems are designed to increase throughput whilst improving profits, by cutting down on unproductive time.

We were the first company to install centreless augers into dairy parlours, giving us the experience needed to offer systems for traditional herringbone, rapid exit, rotary, robotic and outer parlours.

Each feeding systems is designed for the specific requirements of the application, including:

  • In parlour feeding
  • Out of parlour feeding
  • Dairy feeding systems
  • Overhead poultry feeding systems such as turkey feeders, broiler feeders, duck feeders and layer feeders

You can view our range of feeding systems below. Each system is tailored to your specific requirements, so why not get in touch to discuss your needs today.

Individual Feeders

Flat Rate Feeders

Overhead Feeders


  • Colour Code 1/2

    Part No: 1617
  • Control Panel – Single Phase – Non Split

    Part No: 2678
  • Control Panel – Single Phase – Split

    Part No: 2680
  • Control Panel – 3 Phase – Non Split

    Part No: 2679

How can we help?

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