The EB Equipment centreless auger system offers numerous advantages due to the unique design and construction and operate with maximum speed and efficiency whilst maintaining segregation and breakdown.

The auger flight is formed in house from a patented material unique to EB Equipment. The casing and associated components are manufactured in our dedicated extrusion and injection moulding facilities. Manufactured from food grade UV stabilised polypropylene, which is more durable than the commonly used PVC.

To make installation and periodic maintenance quicker and easier, M8 fasteners are used which allows the use of standard 13mm spanner or socket. These are stainless steel for hygiene and longevity purposes.

Advantages of the Centreless Auger System over alternative systems:

  • Proven design
  • Easy installation
  • Higher throughput over a greater distance
  • More efficient use of power
  • The ability to convey around both left and right-hand bends
  • Superior longevity of the outer case and elbows
  • Typically runs much quieter/lower decibels
The intake assembly on our Centreless Auger System incorporates numerous advantages:

  • An expansion chamber to aid product flow/ reduce bridging of difficult to flow product, such as meal
  • The intake boots feature an inspection hatch to allow full inspection
  • Unique design to allow the common components to be installed in either a horizontal or incline position
  • Low maintenance


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