75mm Flex Auger

75mm diameter flex auger (auger wire / auger flight). Priced per meter.

EB Equipment originated the centreless auger system in the 1950’s, following many years’ experience in the industry, observing alternative systems and their limitations. (Other names for the centreless auger system include: flexible conveyors, flexible screw conveyor, auger screw, flexible auger, flex conveyor, flexible spiral conveyor or spiral screw conveyor)

The concept was to create a system that would convey materials such as granules, pellets and powders, without causing damage and segregation. Key benefits include:

  • Ability to convey product in through inclines and around corners with a single conveyor (subject to limitations)
  • Cost – centreless augers are generally much more cost-effective than other conveying systems.
  • Custom design – components such as the auger flight and tubing are priced per meter, meaning the installation can be specifically designed to your requirements.
  • Options – we have several specifications for motors and gearboxes, so you can be sure we have the right solution for you.
  • Gentle product handling – from fine powders to large pellets, our centreless augers have been designed to convey product with minimal damage.
  • More efficient use of power – our systems can go up to 80m with just one 0.75kw power unit (subject to configuration and materials)
  • Higher throughput over a greater distance compared to alternatives
  • Quiet – the centreless auger typically runs much quieter/lower decibels
  • Easy installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Reliable

The conveyor is designed and manufactured in house, including auger production (using a patented steel, unique to EB Equipment), extrusion of the casing, outlet drop tubes, injection moulding of associated components and fabrications of steel assemblies. To this day, EB Equipment is the only company worldwide in this position.

Manufactured from food grade UV stabilised polypropylene (which is more durable than the commonly used PVC) using our in-house extrusion and injection moulding facilities.

Auger flight
Our auger flight is formed in house from a patented material unique to EB Equipment.

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