Salt Express specialise in supplying a variety of salts, from natural sea salts and salt for specialist organic food producers to products for ice and snow clearance.

Salt Express approached EB Equipment with the first part of a multi stage project, to manufacture and install gantry silos, for the storage of food grade salt. The site will eventually become a distribution depot, where HGV’s (heavy goods vehicles) can drive under the storage silos, load up, and move on to distribute the product.

The specification: 

  • 105 tonne capacity
  • 3.35m internal diameter
  • food grade
  • out loading gantry
  • full ladder access
  • telemetry control systems including remote monitoring
  • silo safety including reverse jet filtration
  • stainless steel fittings
  • pneumatic valve assembly
  • delivered, erected and craned into position on site

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