WH Richardson & Sons, a reputable farm based in Humberside, sought to enhance their feed storage capabilities with a project involving the installation of two silos for storing pig feed. This case study outlines the custom solution provided by EB Equipment to meet WH Richardson’s specific requirements and optimise its feed storage operations.

Project Overview:

  • Two silos were commissioned to meet the farm’s feed storage needs effectively.
  • The spacious internal diameter of each silo ensures ample storage capacity while facilitating efficient loading and unloading operations.
  • Incorporating a centre discharge design enables uniform discharge of feed from the silo, ensuring consistent feed distribution to the pigs.
  • With a capacity of 25 tonnes each, the silos provide sufficient storage for the farm’s pig feed requirements, ensuring continuous supply without the need for frequent refilling.
  • A bespoke leg structure was designed to offer a higher discharge height, enabling convenient access for loading feed into trucks or other transport vehicles.

Impact and Results:

Optimised Feed Storage: EB Equipment’s custom-designed silos optimise WH Richardson’s feed storage operations. With ample capacity and centre discharge functionality, the silos facilitate efficient handling and distribution of pig feed, ensuring a steady supply for the farm’s livestock.

Enhanced Accessibility and Efficiency: The bespoke leg structure with a higher discharge height improves accessibility for loading feed into trucks or other transport vehicles. This feature streamlines the loading process, enhancing overall operational efficiency on the farm.

Tailored Solution for Specific Needs: EB Equipment’s solution is tailored to WH Richardson’s specific requirements, providing a bespoke storage solution that meets the farm’s feed storage needs effectively. The design flexibility ensures that the silos integrate seamlessly into the farm’s existing infrastructure and operations.


WH Richardson & Sons’ project for pig feed silos underscores the importance of tailored solutions in agricultural storage. By collaborating with EB Equipment, the farm has successfully enhanced its feed storage capabilities, ensuring a reliable and efficient supply of feed for their pigs. The bespoke silos, with their optimal capacity, discharge functionality, and custom leg structure, exemplify EB Equipment’s commitment to delivering innovative and effective storage solutions for agricultural clients.

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