Proximity Sensor 240 – 415V


Proximity sensors (or capacitive sensors as they are also known) are used for the automation of processes where there is a need for controlled conveyance and storage of materials.

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The proximity sensors ensure efficient and seamless handling of grain and other products, such as wood, plastics and other granular materials.

The DOL 43R has the option of delayed disconnection. Two push-button switches adjust the sensitivity of the sensor and the time with light diodes indicating when the switches are activated.



  • Detection of feed and grain in feed systems for livestock production
  • Large range of functional, mechanical and electrical variants to meet every need
  • CE, UL, CSA and ATEX approvals


The use of electronic rather than mechanic
switches ensures a unique reliability,
particularly as the electronics are
completely encapsulated in special plastic,
which provides maximum protection against
humidity and other external influences in
harsh environments.
The sensor is CE and C-UL approved and
has a high immunity to noise from electric
communication (i.e. from a mobile phone)
and transients (i.e. from motors and
contactors). This makes the sensor very

Manufactured from food grade UV stabilised polypropylene (which is more durable than the commonly used PVC) using our in-house extrusion and injection moulding facilities.

Our Auger Flight is formed in house from a patented material unique to EB Equipment.

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