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Individual Feeding System

Feed to yield system which can be linked with most dairy equipment manufacturer controls/auto-ID. The individual feeding system offers improved efficiency over alternatives due to the industrial specification 24V AC brushless motor. Durability and longevity are achieved with the polypropylene and stainless steel construction.

The feeder is not directly attached to the outlet pipe resulting in the following advantages:

  • prevention of feedstocks being knocked free from the conveyor by the livestock
  • moisture tight
  • ventilation
  • easy to clean

The design and operation of the EB Individual Feeding System eliminate the time taken by the stockman for feeding. Protein is dispensed over a set duration, coupled with advantages such as the automatic stall indexing:

  • Considerably increases the throughput of cows.
  • Eliminates any potential unrest/ stress, improving milk production.
  • Dispenses feed with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.
  • All of which help improve milking efficiency and ultimately profit.

The operation is fast, simple and fail-safe with the operator’s recognition of colour related to cow using the appropriate coloured button. The switches on the system are large, robust and spaced consistently with hand and finger size.

The system offers five variations of feed volume, these are factory set but can be tailored to the client’s specification and calibrated for high accuracy. When a selection is made for the first stall, it automatically advances to the next whilst indicating on the console which stall is ready for selection so there is no chance of losing position. As the system is mains operated there is no need for auxiliary batteries, meaning its memories are unaffected by power failure.

Individual Feeding Spec Sheet
Individual Feeding System (colour code)
Individual Feeding System (colour code)
Individual Feeding System (colour code)
Individual Feeding System (colour code)
Individual Feeding System (colour code) - Control Panel
Individual Feeding System (colour code) - Control Panel

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