IF Feeder Control Panel

Control Panel for Individual Feeder. The console consists of a compact, impact resistant plastic enclosure with a sealed lid, and is supplied complete with mounting hardware.
The coloured push buttons on the face of the console are easy to read and operate with the minimum chance of operator error due to their size and orientation.
The system also remembers the stalls that have been fed and automatically advances to the next unit, so there is no waiting for a feeder to finish before another ration can be distributed.
A series of indicator lights are illuminated showing which manger or stall will be fed when the next coloured button is pressed. A manual advance button is provided which allows the operator to miss/skip any stall.
A change over switch is incorporated for initiating the feeding cycle on the other side of the parlour.
An override button is provided which will dispense feed to all points in the unlikely event of a control system failure.

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